Because I have been insomnia

1. Control (extreme) emotions

Modern people have a fast pace of life, and problems such as study, workplace, and emotional life can trigger changes in mood and affect sleep. In the long term, this can lead to disturbances in the sleep cycle (biological clock), which may result in mild neurasthenia, multiple dreams, and even insomnia. When these unavoidable and objectively existing conditions cannot be changed, you can only adjust through social activities, learning emotion control, etc. If necessary, you can turn to a professional psychiatrist and take medication (like doctors).

2, moderate exercise

First of all, exercise can make people concentrate and can effectively control emotions. At the same time, exercise can lead to an increase in body temperature, and the process of lowering body temperature can make one feel sleepy and produce drowsiness, which makes the sleep cycle regular. However, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the amount of exercise and exercise time.

3, stop drinking stimulated drinks before bedtime

Coffee and tea will reduce the time of deep sleep, and naturally increase the degree of light sleep and disturb the regularity of the sleep cycle. Therefore, try to reduce or stop stimulating drinks before going to bed.\\

4, a good sleeping environment

Dim lighting, comfortable temperatures, dry hygienic beds, and quiet bedrooms all help reduce dreams. After falling asleep in a noisy, over-bright or cold/hot environment, the human body is bound to experience more unstable external stimuli, which is easier to dream.

5, check the body

If the above methods do not solve the problem of physical discomfort caused by multiple dreams, please go to a regular hospital to do physical examinations and rule out organ diseases and other disease factors.

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