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Good rain knows the season, when spring is here. In the spring of the recovery of all things, accompanied by a light rain and dream of Lili, it is definitely a wonderful enjoyment.

However, Mr. Zhuang Zhou, who pays attention to “Heaven and Man Togetherness” and “Silence is inaction”, puts forward another point of view in the article “Zhuangzi Grand Master”: “The real person of the ancient times has no dreams, and he feels no worries. Unwilling to eat, deep in my heart.” Probably means that the gentleman who lives in a law of “harmony between man and nature” should be aware of the dawn without a dream between his pillows. It seems that the first person in ancient times has a disagreement about sleeping and dreaming.

Dreams all night, it shows poor sleep quality?

From a modern medical point of view, dreaming or dreaming when sleeping is a sign of poor sleep quality? And listen to one by one.

Where does the dream come from?
By definition, “dreams” are expressions of a series of images, ideas, emotions, and feelings that usually occur unconsciously in consciousness at certain stages of sleep1.

Throughout the ages, the “dream” has been a controversial topic in religion, psychology, philosophy, medicine and other fields. Although the post-modern science of the industrial revolution has made great progress, there is still a lack of uniform explanation for the cause of dreams.

Dreams all night, it shows poor sleep quality?

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Among them, J Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley, professors of neurophysiology at Harvard Medical School, first proposed a neurological theory of dreams in 1976. This theoretical study suggests that certain areas of the human brain are pulsed after being activated during sleep. Once these areas of the brain are activated and pulsed, the limbic systems involving emotions, feelings, and memories, including the amygdala and hippocampus, become very active. When the external environment changes to produce physical or mental stimulation to the human body, these signals are fed back to the brain, creating a “dream.”

Dreams occur in the rapid eye movement period (REM)
Two scholars at the Chicago Sleep Laboratory in 1953 proposed for the first time that the human sleep process is not a monophasic physiological behavior but is divided into Rapid Eyes Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-Rapid). Eyes Movement, NON-REM).

Dreams all night, it shows poor sleep quality?

It can be seen from the sleep phase sequence diagram in the above figure that the two phases of sleep alternate. Adult sleep is generally divided into 4-5 cycles (Cycle), and each cycle is divided into NON-REM1-3 stage and REM stage according to sleep.

Among them, human eyes in the REM sleep stage will rotate rapidly and disorderly. At the same time, the metabolic level of the brain is at a high level, and the hippocampus and other regions are very active. We often say that dreaming occurs when the REM period.

At the same time, it can be found that the REM period is positively correlated with longer sleep time. When the person is about to wake up and wake up at this stage, REM occupies a relatively large area, so people will be able to easily remember what happened in the dream during this period.

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