Practical travel notes

The Summer Resort is located near the Temple of Fire (on Lisungmen Street). You can see the Summer Palace on the road from the bus to Puning Temple.

Note that tickets for the Puning Temple include the Zhanji Temple, and tickets for the Small Potala Palace include the Panchen Lama Palace. Of course, the Little Potala Palace and the Panchen Lama Palace have more formal names, namely the Putuo Temple and the Xumi-Fu Shou Temple.


Puji Temple is one of the eight temples. The temples of the Han-Tibetan monastery are well-known for their Tibetan temple style. There are many lamas in it. It is reasonable to say that the entrance to the temple should be dressed in a dignified manner, but not only people wear short-sleeved clothes, but also young and stylish girls wear short skirts.

Thrifty tourists travel to Chengde for three days and write a practical travel note
Puning Temple is also built on the mountain, but the mountain is very low, so it is not tired to enter the temple. Puji Temple is next to Puning Temple. There is no need to check tickets to the temple. The Puji Temple is already a site that was destroyed. Now it can be seen only in a large courtyard. In the middle is a large platform. On both sides is a row of houses Luohantang.

The two temples were added after an hour of sightseeing.

The next day I went to my summer resort, temporarily changed another hotel, and was closer to the summer resort, walking for two minutes. The summer resort is large and one day can be completed. It is located on Lizhengmen Street and is very easy to find. There are many buses nearby. Of course I didn’t take the bus. I walked.

Summer Resort is divided into two parts: museums and gardens. The museum is the residence of the emperor. The summer resort must check several times and enter the gate and the museum to check the tickets.

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