Let’s talk about the temple before

This Taoist and Buddhist family believes that in front of the temple, it is well-known that it is a place where the temple worships the Bodhisattva, and it is also where people often go to burn incense and worship. Everyone often goes to worship the bodhisattva and will take some offerings.

Most of those who worship the Bodhisattvas have brought with them some resentment and distress to seek worship. Then live in front of the temple

First, just as we offer offerings for offerings, their money is sent out daily in the form of offerings. As time passes by, it is natural that money is used up; everything is like the root of Chinese culture, just like what is around your own house. What kind of disaster can easily be caused by the prostitution, the reason is the same.

The second point is that many people come to worship, have their own minds, and do something bad to seek peace. They come with resentment and distress.

Then when you live in front of the temple, you first get into these bad arrogances, and naturally you make a stumbling block. Other people’s grudges and distresses make you stop.

Can you be comfortable, can you have a good mood, we say that there is no good mood, no good working conditions, how can you get better, which means that the poor live in front of the temple.

The third point is that according to China’s traditional feng shui theory, it is inappropriate to hide any matter. We know that usually the boss’s office is the one on the inside. The front is the gate or security. In this way, the principle of poverty before the temple can be better understood.

Then talk about living behind the temple:

First of all, after living in the temple, they often accept people’s offerings, so many times, they feel like they are like Bodhisattvas, and they have the opportunity to find themselves at any time, or they can send their own money.

Secondly, living behind the temple, many of the evil spirits were blocked by the Buddha, so they had no effect on themselves.

Talk about the widow after the Temple Left Temple:

Everyone knows that temples are places for deities. This is a well-known event. The gods have a compassionate heart, so many temples will be in remote places, leaving some places for ghosts and ghosts. Most of the halls are located in the center of the temple. Therefore, these place where the wandering spirits rest will be on the left or right side of the temple. On the left or right of this temple, yin will naturally be stronger. Vulgar cloud: “Yangyang is not born, but yin is not long!” Therefore, in these areas where the yin is so strong, the family is hard to reunite until late in life. Therefore, it is said that Miao Temple left the widow right.

After long-term exploration and traditional feng shui concepts, the Chinese have concluded that neither the good nor the bad is suitable for the housing to be adjacent to the temple or Taoist temple. The temples, Buddhist temples, and Taoist temples are all hidden materials, and they are spiritually empty and negative. The gas field is powerful. They are just the opposite of houses. We need a lot of positive gas fields in our houses, so we must be careful about choosing houses near temples!

Speaking so much, the simple word is:

The haze of temples weighed several hundred times more than the haze of a grave. Therefore, there is this folk saying proposed by the landlord.

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