Ning solitary graves

Do not take the night road to break the temple, do not walk off the pavilion, do not swim raw water. Because the ruined temple is a ruined temple, there will be no incense, and the dedicating Buddha will no longer come to patronize. There is no god Buddha to patronize, solitary ghosts and ghosts will live in. If mortals walk through the night to enter the temple, they will enter the ghost. nest.


At night, there are three roads leading to the outskirts of the county, and there are three roads leading to foreign countries in the county town. There is a five-mile pavilion and a ten-mile-one shop in the county. There are rest pavilions next to the old county and five miles away. There are villages behind the village.

For example, Wuliting, Heshupu, Wangfangting, Fengshanpu, Wugang Pavilion, Changjiangpu, Bajiao Pavilion, and Liwan Town exit out of the county. These road pavilions were all built by the ancient people on the roadside, making it easy to enter the city. People stop using them, rest during the day and rest at night, so don’t go in for a rest at night.

Do not swim raw water, raw lakes, reservoirs and other unfamiliar, the depth is not clear, so do not go to swim strangely.

Ning solitary graves do not sleep solitary graves do not sleep wild temple, no one worships prone to ghosts, and the wild temple/Ye Miao is also a disastrous defeat, the ancient strong guardians of the homeless robbers or people who have been litigated have nowhere to stay and often hide in such places. , rushed to stay in fear of being harmed, but also in Zengguang Yinwen, there is also a good man who does not talk about martyrdom, swearing that the ancients believe that there is no sense of family and social responsibility of killing people who like to buy goods to hide here.

One person does not enter the temple: In ancient times, there will be some sinners in the temple, especially in the desert temple. It is dangerous for a person to enter. The two do not look at the well: What is said is that the well is generally watery and deep, and if the person next to you loses, it will unconsciously pull you up. Or you pull him. The ancients can’t have the heart to hurt people, and the defense of people cannot be avoided.

The three people do not hold the tree: One of the trees will be tied to the other two trees. The only way is to sit on the rails: Most of the ancient railings are wooden structures, no nails, and they are loosening for a long time. A person sitting on the railings will not be able to save you without falling.
From a dialectical point of view, the ancient temple wild graves are only dangerously different from the others. There are no ghosts and gods. Inaccessible places are mostly places where poisonous beasts and beasts hide. At that time, there was no hand-powered television. The accident was unpredictable.

Nocturnal people often visit the body of the device, such as the carpenter’s amnesty, the blacksmith’s hand hammer, Mason’s tile knife, the agent’s whip, the most common is to play shit. There are also thieves who are not afraid of moonlight. They sneak into nightmares and defend their weapons.

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